Louis W. Roy, Sr. Council of Deliberation


SGIG Eric Konohia, 33º

Most Illustrious Commander-in-Chief and
Deputy for the Orient of the District of Columbia

SGIG Marcus D. James, Sr., 33º

Overseer of the Works

GIG Marcus Crooks, 33º​

Illustrious 1st Lt. Commander

GIG Jeffrey Anderson, 33º

Illustrious 2nd Lt. Commander

GIG Leslie Walker, 33º

Illustrious Grand Chancellor

GIG Russell Hairston, 33º

Illustrious Grand Minister of State

GIG Elgin Funches, 33º

Illustrious Grand Treasurer

SGIG Quincy G. Gant, 33º

Illustrious Grand Secretary/KSA

SP Jonathan Pitts, 32º

Illustrious Grand Prior

SGIG Glenn N. Ruffin, 33º

Illustrious Grand Hospitaler

GIG T.J. Jackson, 33º

Illustrious Grand Master of Ceremonies

SP Tyrone Hurley, 32º

Illustrious Grand Standard Bearer

SP Paul Hagan, 32º

Illustrious Grand Engineer and Architect

GIG Alvin Coles, 33º

Illustrious Grand Captain of the Guard

SP Larry Cox, 32º

Illustrious Grand Sentinel

GIG H. Donovan Colding, 33º

Illustrious Asst. Grand Secretary/KSA

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